2020 Astro Predictions for Capricorn

Saturn’s child is used to waiting for the good things of life but the last eighteen months have been trying, even by your standards. Saturn’s passage through Cancer has caused frustration and aggravation, although those who have achieved a high position will see it last and those who have made powerful alliances will see them prosper.

In 2020 Jupiter comes to the rescue: successes of one sort or another can be expected, and you will certainly get what you deserve: the work you have put in and the foundations you have laid will at last produce results. January may not fulfil this prediction, nor may the events of early March and mid-April, but any disappointments will soon be forgotten in light of the joys to come in the second half of the year.

Let’s face it, Saturn has not been an asset in the love department, although you have no doubt been through enough in the past couple of years to write a novel! Until August your partners continue to be your teachers, providing many lessons in patience and stoicism, however, relationships built of the right stuff get even stronger.

January and June are seminal periods for your love life – quite the best times to marry or meet long-term partners. However, for some celestial Goats these same months reveal cracks in relationships and help you reach decisions that have been some painful years in the making.

Money and Work
There could be some truth to the maxim that you can’t have money and love, since your love life could leave a lot to be desired in 2020 while your career should be positively blooming. People recognize your worth and there could be awards and plaudits coming your way – February and October contain more than one starry moment.

Speculate to accumulate in the first six months then maintain a holding pattern for the following two years. The eclipses of 8th April and 3rd and 17th October could prove instrumental in a major career success or a radical change of course. Have faith in yourself – you’ll go far in 2020.

Home and Family
The aforementioned eclipses could also play a part in important domestic developments. You are more upwardly mobile, if not in reality then certainly in spirit! You should see your home and/or family expand, and there could be some happy celebrations to look forward to at Easter and July.

For some Capricorns an age-old family rift will be healed while others will reconnect with family members they have not seen for many years. There could also be some unexpected good luck for a relative, or a senior member of the family could be a source of concern.

VIA 2018horoscopeguru