Love Horoscope 2020

What do love and romance hold for this 2020?

Saturn is a great influence when it comes to the astrological destiny of all signs in the coming year.

Its influence on House VII of all signs will be decisive … Saturn is a star that favors reflection and moves us to act rather than the heart, guided by the mind.

Saturn, in relation to love, makes us cautious, aware of what we give and (above all) of what we receive. It makes us somewhat selfish, because it moves us to see for ourselves rather than for love. Yes: Saturn maintains, with implacable logic, that in order to love another person we must first love ourselves.

However, this year Saturn makes a retrograde transit in Sagittarius, and this can make things more complex … and interesting for all of us.

And it is that Sagittarius is, in the background, the same archer who, since Roman times, has incarnated Cupid, the one who throws the arrows to inflame the hearts and that links strangers in the fields of passion.

So, in matters of the heart, the influence of Sagittarius is the opposite of Saturn: Sagittarius does not turn into hunters, who go for love rather than wait for it.

It inflates us with an excessive value, which at the same time makes us sure of ourselves, to the point of the reckless.

Under his influence we try to attract and seduce, we let ourselves go without net or handles, and we make the leap to the other side of the abyss, where we are sure that our heart beats.

What can we expect from this double influence, from such opposite signs?
Some signs will be attracted to Saturn, and others (those of Aires, especially) by Sagittarius.

And some, not a few, are going to be submerged in an internal debacle, in the confusion that will not let them know if they should retain or let go, if they should move away or enter certain places …

It is going to be a difficult year for love, because in an extreme degree, in the face of this double influence, not entirely clear, we must choose for ourselves what is best for our lives … and for our hearts.

Will we be ready for it? That is the question that counts in this 2020. Under the light of the meditative Saturn or injured by the bolts of Sagittarius, can we find our way to true love?


For Aryans, 2020 will be great for conquering people. And this achievement will be primarily based on conversation, chat. It will be a year of intense exchange of ideas, and this is what will make the Aryan fall in love: people with good chat. However, one must be calm when conquering, it is essential to take one step at a time. “Play the conquest game without anxiety and without madness”,

For those who already live a relationship, the dialogue will be better established and this will facilitate the interaction. It will also be a year of innovating and building new things in your relationships – that is, it may be time to step forward in that old plan of both of you.


As LoveHoroscope.Guru reports, taureans will have a challenge in 2020: “The big secret for Taureans in love will be to work on self-confidence.” And this goes for those who live alone or have a relationship, as it will be crucial for any involvement to be healthy. This is the main point, to reinforce self-esteem and not submit to others, and every Taurean should be careful not to please everyone – this can cause disappointment.

Working on this point, single Taureans will have a great year for conquest and expansion in love affairs. And those who live in a relationship will be at a more harmonious time with their partner – the tip is to put more energy into it and increase dedication to the partner to reap greater rewards. It will be a very emotional and passionate year.


Gemini will be more sociable than ever, and from close social life and close friendships, interesting and totally different relationships may emerge than they have ever lived.

“It will be important to look inside and see what you are looking for and what you need for emotional comfort within a relationship. And if so, accept what needs to change and transform into your relationships, ”

Learn to share and give your arm a twist when discussing.

For the married person, the timing can be tricky: beware of discussions over finances so as not to overwhelm the relationship and not see the romance by a thread in 2020.