Oriental Astrology 2020 – Year of the Dog

2020 is the chinese year of the Metal Rat . Here are the predictions of some of the chinese signs (animals) .


Your activities could be carried out in secret now, possibly in order to avoid opposition, or disapproval, this will not surprise someone, as you can be telling them that you love them but, it may not be your regular partner. You even experience greater emotional feelings, or you start to express yourself in a more emotional manner. You also become involved in psychic, or mystical activities, however you’ll need to be careful in your relationships that you are not taken advantage as there are those who will use you for their own gain. You can become aggressive, or argumentative and you may tend to create tension, or rivalry, between brothers and sisters. This is also a time to exercise caution in your business and financial dealings and not to start anything new, as you are likely to be involved in deception, or difficulty. The mid month brings a time when you may experience some success in a managerial or administrative capacity and accomplishments can occur either through your association with a friend, or group of friends. You will want for your independence as the month ends and you may be prepared to change things in a revolutionary way, you are impulsive, which brings about unexpected events, and you may you may have trouble with authority figures. Particularly if your own freedom is restricted in any way or if you alienate others, with your actions. Care should be taken with things made of metal. Accidents could occur at this time, and care should be taken against anything to do with speed, or if you don’t slow down yourself.


You can be entertaining others in your home and it can be someone from your past who rekindles some romantic, or other social activities. You may also find yourself with increased responsibilities and you may need to contact older people and asking their guidance and advice, which will involve some long term planning.

The early month is a favourable period to handle serious legal affairs, business and professional matters, and you also have success with money matters. You will come in contact with someone artistic, or become involved in religious, spiritual or psychic matters and it’s also a time when you become involved with institutions, Hospitals, Asylums, Prisons, or Churches possibly in a leader role. You may also find you become involved in some way with films, or photography and the world of glamour and illusion, or mystery, becomes real, whether through your own ability, or someone else’s. You feel more positive and will project yourself with force and energy, you should be feeling quite sociable, therefore it’s a good time to work with groups, however, you may want to play, rather than work.

The mid month can bring an exciting period where you desire new experiences and may want to get out of the boredom of daily routines. You may be doing some thing new, or changing your life in some way, possibly starting life anew. It’s a good time to make new plans or to reform your life in some way, you may find yourself among new or unusual friends and it puts you in a good mood. Journeys to new places can also occur towards the month end, which can also bring a romantic association and it will make you feel generous, intuitive and considerate to others less fortunate than yourself. You also seem to be protected at this time and you can have success in dealing with those in authority, or any thing to do with finance. For a more detailed analysis check this famous oriental astrology website : Year of the Snake in 2020 – chinese horoscope predictions


Venus, your ruler aspects well with Uranus as the month begins and it can bring unexpected gifts, or financial opportunities. A business, social, or romantic opportunity can also occur from some contact with your friends. You will want to be involved in more excitement, either meeting new people, making friends, or visiting new places and unexpected things can happen, in both old and new relationships.
You can win or lose in anything you undertake at this time and it may well be worth taking a chance, you will be wiser and possibly richer for it. You will now have feelings for emotional freedom and you become adventurous and experimental in your business, social and romantic activities and it is an excellent time for the realisation of romantic, personal, social, financial, goals and objectives. You will be inspired by art or music, which has a spiritually uplifting affect on you and if in a group or attending a party something unusual will attract your attention, or stimulate you sexually. You can have a happy and generous outlook on life now and you are kind and considerate, but an older member of the family may give you cause for concern.

You can have intense emotional feelings towards the month end, and you may find it hard to control your sexual urges, you will feel more lustful, or desiring more than usual, but you may also find yourself sexually incompatible, or jealous against a partner. Be cautious of those who are sexually forceful and think twice before accepting any unusual gifts from people who are unfamiliar to you. Guard valuables and don’t be coerced into doing anything rash with a financial investment.


You feel more positive towards others, but you have the need to be important or recognized in some way. You project yourself with force and energy and take the leader role in all your activities. This is a favourable time for dealing with older people, established individuals and women, it’s also a good time to put your house in order and behaving with quiet, persistent attention to your duties and obligations, which will pay dividends of success to you in the future. Your concern now is of work, accomplishment and financial stability, which should give little to worry about as business, home and domestic affairs are all favoured in the early month.

Relationships with family improve during the mid month and you are able to communicate with them in more easily. This is a period which is also favourable for business, public relations, family finances and money making endeavours. You will have increased accuracy and greater discipline with your work, you will also be occupied by serious matters and it is a good time to plan developments, or work out the details of projects or practical things. However, take care of making life too hard for yourself and family or loved ones, perhaps neglecting them too much. It may also bring on a terrible feeling of being restricted with out any freedom, or you may feel challenged and it may discourage you from doing more. If you find your current situation is not working let it go and begin again, you need to have balance in all things to have success.

You will experience some frustrations as the month ends and your professional life can interfere with social, romantic, or marital affairs, It’s not a good time to seek wealth, or favours from those who have wealth. You find you have problems with love and money, or both and there can be a coldness and an estrangement in a relationship, it is not a time to take things for granted.


Emotional upsets at home occur at the beginning of the month
and you will need to control your own emotions, and possibly your temper. However, it soon passes and allows a very optimistic period to show through. You seem to be very lucky and in demand socially, and it is a good time for celebrations and parties, it may be from a win on the lottery, horses, or stock market and it puts you in a very generous mood. You could also find yourself lucky in love and a nice surprise can come to you, if you are traveling you will meet some very unusual, exciting people, or romantic opportunities and a new romantic partner can be presented, which brings a sparkle to your eyes.

It is also a good time for business and finance and you’ve freedom to do your own thing now. Opportunities also seem to come to you, either from foreigners, or those of foreign extraction, and the mid month allows you to expand your life in some way from it. This is a favourable time for public relations, handling important relationships, marriage, or partnerships, and if you are thinking of starting a new job, or hobby, now is a good time to start, as you’re being encouraged to be successful. You could be beautifying your home, but money will come and go too quickly, however, this is a good period of your life to take risks, and if you are positive, lasting success will be forthcoming. You will also experience mixed emotions towards the month end, when you have improved vitality and new ideas for home improvements, however there are those who have some different ideas and you will need to listen to them to keep the peace. Avoid deception and over spending, and things will work out very well indeed.